When white folks riot: Making sense of Keene

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Originally posted on Fusion:

While Ferguson epitomized structural racism faced by the black community, many in the right-wing media saw it as an opportunity to deny the existence of white privilege. Later, when drunk sophomores rioted during a state pumpkin festival in the streets of Keene, New Hampshire, flippant comparisons to the civil demonstrations in Ferguson only reinforced how ignorant many Americans are to the existence and impact of institutional prejudice—particularly their own.

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Ward Sutton’s comics and illustrations have appeared in The New York Times, The Onion, and Rolling Stone. More of his work can be found at suttonimpactstudio.com

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This doesn’t seem fair at all. How does this happen?

Originally posted on WREG.com:

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(Milwaukee, WI) A 25-year-old woman was arrested and charged with driving while intoxicated after a Milwaukee County deputy rolled through a stop sign and hit her car on Feb. 20, 2013.

Tanya Weyker’s neck was broken in four places, so she couldn’t blow into a breathalyzer or perform field sobriety tests.

But a blood test came back negative for both alcohol and drugs, confirming that Weyker was completely sober at the time of the crash.

So why was she arrested?

After Deputy Sheriff Joseph Quiles hit her car, sending it spinning into a tree, deputies and police began to question her.

“One asked if I had anything to drink that night,” Weyker said. “And I told them a few sips from a friend’s drink.”

One deputy said she her breath smelled of alcohol, her speech was slurred, and her eyes looked red and glassy.

“I explained…

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Originally posted on Emily L. Hauser - In My Head:

I wrote the above headline as a tweet last week, just after reading about the recent stabbing death of a teenage Palestinian girl by her brother, “for allegedly shaming her family.”

Ever since writing those 72 characters, though, I can’t stop thinking about them. Because that’s it, that’s the whole story: Women’s bodies are used as a delivery mechanism for statements about men’s power. Everywhere. All the time.

Honor killings are perhaps the most obvious case (the kind of case that allows Westerners to feel that we’re off the hook on these issues) because a family’s honor is defined by how chaste the men are able to keep their women. If the women stray (or are perceived to have strayed) from a very narrow definition of proper behavior, in certain cultures and circumstances the men are not only free to kill the women, they’re expected to.

But women’s…

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LOVE HER! So cute! I’m a fan.

Originally posted on Global Grind:

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 5.08.57 PM

Every once in a while someone comes along and becomes a big deal using social media. Today’s sensation is 4-year-old Cece, or as her Instagram followers know her, TheCeceShow.

This comic sensation has been tearing up Instagram with her funny impressions of celebrities like Beyonce, T.I. and Tiny and many more. She’s so good that Nicki Minaj, Kevin Hart and Tamar gave her a shout out on their pages.

Cece is blowing up and she’s well on her way to a bright future. So if you’re not following her, you probably should! Click here to give her a follow and check out some of her funniest videos below.

Kevin Hart Be Like… Bump Bump Free

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Pose. Smile. Walk that out.

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Your picture cute, but I’m not liking it.

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You trying to brush my edges away.

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Tamar Braxton Be Like..

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Where the money at?

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Rihanna be like…

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New post by my friend, Julio.

Originally posted on NBC Latino:

A year has passed since Puerto Ricans on the island voted (yet again) in a non-binding plebiscite to determine where they stand on the issue of self-determine and political status. Like a Facebook relationship status, the conclusions from the November 6, 2012 vote were “complicated.”

Did a majority of Puerto Ricans reject its current territorial status with the United States? Yes.

Did these same Puerto Ricans also vote for statehood? Yes and no.

Yes, because those who did vote in the second part of the ballot chose statehood over the other two options: sovereign free association and independence. No, because commonwealth supporters were urged by their party to leave the second part of the ballot blank. Problem is, voting blank wasn’t an option, so who knows what blank votes represent?

One year later, nothing has happened.

Sure, the White House has weighed in, saying that we need to a…

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Originally posted on OneChicklette:

Instead of basking in the afterglow of starring in the best Super Bowl halftime show we have seen in years, Beyonce is employing a publicist who chasing down media outlets who deign to run screenshots of her performance deemed unflattering.

If I looked like this, it’s all I’d care about.

Via BuzzFeed

Via Gawker:

On Monday, our pals at Buzzfeed assembled an incoherent list of 33 Beyoncé pictures and GIFs taken from her Super Bowl performance, and posted it under the title “The 33 Fiercest Moments From Beyoncé’s Halftime Show.”

On Tuesday, they received an email from Beyoncé’s publicist (“head worker bey”), politely asking them to DESTROY ALL UNFLATTERING PHOTOS OF BEYONCÉ IN EXISTENCE.

“Thanks for taking my call. As discussed, there are some unflattering photos on your current feed that we are respectfully asking you to change. I am certain that you will be able to…

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